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We specialise in designing and configuring software solutions to business challenges and driving inception-to-delivery software projects. Our focus is on helping you to architect and deliver solutions that provide quick and iterative business benefits to your internal and external stakeholders. As a key partner to your business and technology department, we work closely with your project team to act as a delivery catalyst of new business technology.


Through this process we pay keen attention to:

  • Innovation - Strengthening your internal technical capabilities to leverage innovative new technologies

  • Agility - Demonstrating business and technology use cases with iterative delivery of business capabilities

  • Openness - Leveraging enterprise-strength open source technologies to deploy scalable and cost-effective solutions

  • Distributed Service Architecture - Building self-contained components that can be easily deployed on traditional or cloud architecture models, to help future-proof your solutions


Wealth management requires the ability to deliver a consistent yet client-specific experience for product advisory across a wide range of asset classes of products and client risk profiles. We help you design solutions to manage financial production information, distribute this information effectively across your internal and external stakeholders, and integrate it with existing or new portfolio-level advisory systems as well as order execution and compliance systems.


Financial Advisory requires constant effort by the advisors to ensure compliance to both business and regulatory requirements. We help you design and implement centralised, standardized compliance services to perform compliance checks, and automate internal compliance monitoring and reporting, ensuring reduction in human errors and also improving the efficiency of your internal workforce through automation.


Financial Advisors require constant and secure two-way communication with clients to ensure that relevant investment information can be collected and distributed in a timely manner, and to be able to receive requests and collect documents from customers in a friendly, efficient way. We help you to build online communication platform that accelerate your business yet meet security and authentication standards to give your clients peace of mind when dealing with their advisors.


Your clients deserve the best-in-class order execution at the best price across a wide range of asset classes, product types and markets. We help you leverage the best-of-breed execution technology platforms and integrate your order management processes across the enterprise to provide a single cross-product order management and execution gateway for your dealing desks, advisors and premium clients who require direct execution services.

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